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The Psychology of Beauty

Do you want to be more desirable? Confident? Stylish? Sexy? This can easily be achieved with personal and professional beauty advice. I strive in creating tailor-made style solutions based on your preferences, background, personality and lifestyle.

The media is a powerful tool that influences our concept of beauty. Our job is to use those messages and images in the media to our advantage. Having studied psychology and the cosmetics industry, I've noticed that there are two unmovable facts. The first is that individuals react to different marketing stimulants. The second is that people react positively because they believe that by using certain products or services, they will be noticed.

Now, here is my question: how can you make a mass-targeted marketing idea, one that is used by so many people, then apply it to yourself and still emerge as an individual? How do you take a trend that is a common to the market, yet still stand out? Retaining one's individuality while using mass or popular techniques and trends is a key issue that I raise time and again. I use my skills from my experience at the renowned Estee Launder Group together with my background in psychology and marketing to create a look that is accepted in media's concept of beauty, yet still uniquely you.

Get to know more about yourself, through the psychology of beauty.

Mary Chong


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